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Explore Atlanta
5 weeks

Get in-depth training on cultural adaptation and cross-cultural disciple-making through a team approach. Participate in learning opportunities through creative in-class instruction and practical hands-on application.

Explore Battambang
14–16 weeks

Bring lasting hope amid widespread poverty by interning with BrightStart Learning through Encompass. You will help provide remedial learning to over 600 children, pre-K through Grade 12.

Explore Central Asia–Business
3–12 months

Work in existing community development ministries, impacting and serving the community while providing face-to-face interaction that lays a foundation for spiritual engagement.

Explore Central Asia–Information Technology
3–12 months

Be exposed to cross-cultural ministry and grow spiritually and professionally while serving in the Business and Training Center using your Information Technology skills and as part of a ministry team.

Explore Central Asia–Special Needs
3–12 months

Opportunities for personal, spiritual and professional growth await you as you join a ministry team in transforming communities with the love of Christ by serving families of children with special needs.

Explore the Château
1–9 months

Live and serve as part of a cross-cultural ministry team, use your gifts in ministry, and learn to serve where needed, growing in your understanding and ability to share the gospel in a French context.

Explore Dublin
3–12 months

Experience living in an urban setting, building relationships, gaining a personal understanding of the gospel, and learning to live it out through cross-cultural ministry in Ireland.