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Let's Work Together

We believe the local church is the key to reaching the nations. And it’s been this way since the church began. Together with Encompass, your church can touch the nations with the love of Jesus. Here are 6 ways to engage your church in global missions right now.

Show Videos In Your Services

One of the best ways to keep missions in front of your members is by showing short videos from the field in your services and sharing them in your social channels. Encompass is always creating new video content, so check back often! Our full video library can be found here.

GO Feature: The Chateau

A great way to encourage and be encouraged by our global ministry movement, the 2020 prayer guide will draw you into a deeper awareness of global missions and inspire you toward a more vibrant relationship with God.

Ally's Story

Ally has been building relationships with Afghan migrant women in Western Asia, showing them the unconditional love of Jesus during an uncertain and frightening time in their lives. She longs for these women—and through them, their entire households—to know the love of Jesus Christ.

Field Feature: Central Africa

Today in Central Africa a movement is flourishing in seven countries. It continues to gain momentum because 100 years ago, a few courageous men and women said YES to God.

Explore The Call To Missions

The Path series is designed to help your church members learn about global missions and get your leaders excited about mobilizing others to the field. These books are perfect for individual learning and small group study. Get free e-books and chapter downloads, and purchase copies here.

2021 Path Series Challenge!

Greetings from Atlanta! I hope you’ll take a moment to watch a video from me with a challenge for 2021. If you’re ready to accept this challenge then use the link below to let me know you’re interested and want to start a conversation about how it could work in your context. I look forward to hearing from you!

John Ward
Director of Mobilization

Host A Missions-Focused Worship Service

MissionDay is an easy way to bring global missions awareness and prayer into a worship service. MissionDay can happen any day of the year, and we provide all of the resources you need to run a successful event. Information and downloads can be found on the MissionDay page.

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Engage Japan
2+ Years

The Encompass team is working to see the Japanese people discipled and churches planted in one of the country’s largest cities.

Encounter Atlanta
1 week

Encounter Atlanta is a 5 day trip in one of the most ethnically diverse geographic regions of the country! You don’t have to go far to cross cultures!

Explore Central Asia—Business
3-12 months

Serve in community development and business project ministries as part of a ministry team to collaborate and accomplish team goals.

Pray For The Nations

The best way for everyone in your church to get involved in missions is to pray for the workers serving around the world. Here are some ways you can encourage more prayer involvement.

Encourage your members to sign up for PrayNow, a short prayer request newsletter with daily ideas of how to pray for the nations.

Host a prayer vigil for the missionaries and global projects you sponsor. Encourage your members to pray at a certain time of day or a certain day of the week, or set aside a day for prayer and have people sign up for time slots.