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Explore Atlanta

The world’s cultures can be explored here in Atlanta, a city whose population is both more ethnically diverse and younger than the U.S.’ overall population. Buford Hwy in particular, where Encompass’ headquarters is situated, is known as the “international corridor” with signs for businesses and restaurants displaying their messages in Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, and other various languages. It’s like a tour of the world without passports or customs lines!

An intern who participates in Explore Atlanta will gain in-depth training on cultural adaptation and cross-cultural disciple-making through a team approach. Your experience will be well rounded by participating in valuable learning opportunities through creative in-class instruction as well as hands-on practical application. You’ll be challenged in your current views of church, community, evangelism and so much more as you listen, discuss, and utilize various resources during morning sessions. In the afternoon and evenings, you’ll live it out by building relationships and serving in a variety of ways that could include anything from taking self-defense classes with refugees, to teaching and playing with Hispanic children in a nearby apartment complex. We seek to tailor specific ministry involvement to the skills, interests, and passions of each intern. Finally, you will receive personalized support and guidance by meeting with a ministry mentor throughout your journey.

Duration: This internship is offered periodically throughout the year for approximately 5 weeks.  Please contact go@encompassworld.org about available times for this opportunity.


The basic objectives of this internship are to expose you to cross-cultural ministry in the context of the international refugee community in Atlanta and to provide opportunities for personal, spiritual and professional growth in preparation for future cross-cultural ministry.

The primary goals of this internship are for you to learn how to be a disciple, make disciples, live and serve as part of a cross-cultural ministry team, develop skills in understanding other cultures and be prepared for the challenges of learning a new language.

Ministry Opportunities

  • Outreach to children and families in refugee apartment complexes. Partner with local ministries to help build relationships and share the person of Christ in refugee apartment complexes.
  • University student outreach: participate in opportunities to meet and develop relationships with international students attending local universities
  • Additional ministry opportunities may also be available

Cross Cultural Experiences

  • Learn about the refugee crisis and gain an understanding of their experiences
  • Attend Christian worship services in another language and culture
  • Shop at international markets and stores
  • Sample cuisine from around the world at local restaurants
  • Experience public transportation in an urban setting
  • Build relationships with refugees and experience their hospitality and family events

Strategies for Growth

  • During the internship you will receive mentoring and training to facilitate personal, professional and spiritual growth. This includes the following:
  • Receive information for initial orientation and for assistance with final travel preparations
  • Receive assistance for acclimation and orientation upon arrival
  • Receive daily classroom instruction for personal, professional and spiritual growth
  • Have opportunity weekly to apply instruction in ministry settings
  • Meet weekly with your mentor for discipleship, cross-cultural coaching and ongoing training
  • Evaluate your internship with your mentor and with Encompass staff during and upon your return.


  • Housing: You will share a large home and have either a single or shared bedroom with access to a shared kitchen, dining room, lounge areas, restroom/shower, and laundry facility.
  • Transportation: It is recommended to bring own transportation if possible. Ride sharing with fellow attendees is also encouraged.
  • Finances: This is an estimated cost. The actual cost will be confirmed during the application process.
    • Estimated support level for 5 weeks: $3,350.00

Next Steps: To learn more about this internship and how you could spend your summer learning and serving cross-culturally in Atlanta, contact us…

Words From a Former Explore Atlanta Intern

1. What did you do while you were here in Atlanta?
The program was based off of cross-cultural ministry training, teamwork, and discipleship. During the training, I not only learned so much about missions, but I also learned a lot about myself. There was so much information that I will be able to use in many different life situations. We also worked with the church planting team among a Hispanic community. Two days a week we spent our evenings doing a ‘kids club’ with the children who lived in the community. We would spend time with their mothers as well, getting to know them and trying to teach the children about The Lord.

2. What did God teach you through your internship?   
Through the training I learned an abundant amount about ministry, however, I learned even more about relationships while I was on the trip. God showed me that relationships aren’t always balanced, but we need to keep pouring the love of God into everyone, even if we don’t get it in return. I also learned that I never want to stop learning, because there is always something else I can learn and hopefully pass on to others.

3. In what ways has this experience changed your present life and your plans for the future?
After the experience, I know that I want to continue to do missions in the United States, before I go on to possible mission work overseas. There is need everywhere so I don’t want to limit myself to any certain place right now. My plans have changed for the future because I think I am interested in becoming a counselor for missionaries at some point in my life. I don’t know if that’s in my plan, but I feel God pulling my heart in that direction as well.

4. Why should others consider doing an internship with Encompass in Atlanta?
This was an incredible learning opportunity in more than one aspect of my life. I would suggest an internship to people who are considering a future in missions or are currently serving in a different cultural environment. It was an incredible way to be involved with another culture, serving them, while learning about cross cultural ministry at the same time. It really gave me a taste of what cross-cultural ministry would look like if that was the path God sent me on.

5. What was the most fun experience that you had while you were here?
One of the greatest experiences was when the whole team participated in the ‘Encompass amazing race.’ It was so much fun and we all learned how we acted in a team setting under pressure. In general, I loved seeing all the diversity in Atlanta and learning about the different cultures that live there, especially the Hispanic community that we worked with. The experience was wonderful, and I really have been blessed by Encompass staff and the team that I grew close with while we trained together.