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Explore Southeast Asia – Business

“Why are you here?” This question is one of the most common questions asked of Americans by people meeting them outside the US. Being able to give a quick and reasonable answer tied to a legitimate business takes the pressure off and gives an instant topic to continue a conversation. Connecting with people through the mediums of business and work, gives legitimacy and credibility to the disciple-making process. Interns who join the Encompass team in this developing Southeast Asian country, will work in community development ministries. These platforms impact and serve the community while providing the face-to-face interaction that lays the foundation for spiritual engagement.

Who Can Go?
We invite you to consider this opportunity if you have a desire to serve in cross-cultural ministry, a supportive sending church, and if you have had a positive short-term missions experience. Our internships are designed for those who are college age and up. For this ministry opportunity some training and experience in business or community development is preferable.

What You Will Do…
Working with a coffee shop to learn more about international business
Disciple-making through relationships both professional and personal
Learning Management skills of other workers in a culturally sensitive way
Training workers to do their jobs in a way that connects with them
Developing an understanding of the business world in a developing Southeast Asian country

What Encompass Does… 
Both prior to and during the internship, Encompass will provide mentoring and training to facilitate your personal, professional, and spiritual growth. This includes the following:

  • Mentorship prior to deploying for initial orientation as well as assistance with travel preparations
  • Support with acclimation and orientation upon your arrival in country
  • Regular meetings between you and your mentor to discuss cultural adjustment, goals, and expectations
  • Evaluations between you and your mentor together with Encompass staff during, and upon your return

How much? 
The cost of this internship will vary depending on its duration and other factors, which will be determined during your application process. Estimated expenses include but are not limited to airfare, travel insurance, housing, transportation, food, ministry funds, and cultural activities.

3 Month Internship: $ TBD
6 Month Internship: $ TBD
12 Month Internship: $ TBD per month (includes salary, health coverage, pre-field training)

Next Steps
To learn more about this opportunity, email us.