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Explore Dublin

Dublin is the capital city of the Republic of Ireland. Dublin has all the amenities of a large city but with the feel of a large village.

Its center is compact, walkable and vibrant while the wider metropolis is made of former villages that have been engulfed by Dublin’s expansion while keeping their own character which adds to the larger city’s temperament. Ireland is 1% evangelical, freshly post-Christian, increasingly secular and suspicious of religious dogma and institutions. A young city, 50% of Dublin is under 35 years old.

Our efforts must be rooted in Jesus and his gospel and the Spirit, not ourselves. We work out of grace versus into grace. While obedience is essential to being a disciple of Jesus, it must be critiqued according to the underlying motivations that generate our performance. Working in a culture that resists Christianity and the typical challenges of the work can a test of why we do what we do when it comes to the Great Commission.

Our strategy has been to see ourselves as gospel seed being planted into social networks around greater Dublin. Some of these networks are pre-existing and some are created by us. It is our goal to see the gospel demonstrated and articulated in palpable ways under the noses of non-believers. So we show up on their turf and articulate in ways that they can understand being an aroma of Jesus and His gospel. We constantly strive to go to meet them where they work, play, relax, think, laugh and cry, and live. We seek to embed ourselves into communities providing opportunities to relate to them on a repetitious basis to build trust and overcome the inbuilt suspicion they have of ‘religion.’ So repetitious relationship is a key element to our endeavors.

This internship is available both in the spring and the fall.

The basic objectives of this internship are to expose you to cross-cultural ministry in Ireland, to provide opportunities for personal, spiritual and professional growth, and to further the existing ministry in Dublin.

The primary goals of this internship are for you to experience living in an urban setting, build repetitious relationships, gain a personal understanding of the gospel, learn to live it out in relationship and develop habits of renewal through practicing Sabbath.

Ministry Opportunities

  • You will observe/participate in some existing social networks of our staff in Dublin.
  • You will be encouraged to explore and experiment in an effort to develop your own social networks.
  • You will be encouraged to meet other Christians, – both Irish and other – who are involved in church planting and kingdom expansion, to build relationships and connectivity.
  • You will learn of missional principles using the agricultural metaphor as a template and implement them in Dublin.

Cross Cultural Experiences

  • You will be living within Dublin city limits and will have opportunities to learn how to negotiate an urban context via public transportation, walking, bicycling, etc. No car will be provided.
  • You will learn Dublin’s character, rhythms, some history, and culture.
  • You will learn to suspend judgment on Irish culture and see the world through Irish eyes and on their terms. Assignments and experiences will be used to enhance cultural awareness and insight.