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How do you reach a community that has mostly moved past religion? How do you share Jesus with people who aren’t interested in hearing? How do you spread the gospel to those who are suspicious of anything Christian?

Dublin is the capital of the Republic of Ireland. Even though it is a large city, Dublin retains the feel of a village, its precincts replete with character, charm, and unique Irish culture.

What makes this thriving city particularly difficult to reach for Christ is that it is a freshly post-Christian and increasingly secular culture that is suspicious of religion.

The key to reaching this least-reached people group is by loving them through relationship. We must share Christ’s love with them by showing them that they matter, that we care, and that we desire the best for them. We have to take the time to build their trust by consistently spending time with them in their territory.

Duration: This is a three-to-six-month internship and is available in the spring and fall.

Components: Objectives are to expose you to cross-cultural ministry in Ireland, provide opportunities for personal, spiritual, and professional growth, and teach you how to further the gospel among the Irish in Dublin.

Ministry Opportunities

  • Observe/participate in our Dublin staff’s existing social networks
  • Explore and experiment to develop your own social networks
  • Build relationships with other Christians involved in church planting and kingdom expansion in Ireland
  • Learn and implement missional principles

Cross-Cultural Experiences

  • Live within Dublin city limits and learn how to navigate an urban context via public transportation—walking, bicycling, etc. (no car provided)
  • Learn Dublin’s character, rhythms, history, and culture
  • Enhance cultural awareness and insight by learning to see the world through Irish eyes

Help us take the gospel to the least reached in Dublin.