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Opening Oubangui Chari

James Gribble and the Pioneering Missionaries of Central Africa
Celebrating 100 Years  |  A Visual Retrospective

The western section of the Central African Republic is considered one of the most evangelized areas in the world. Missionaries representing the Charis Alliance were among the first to arrive in the region, and their story of commitment and sacrifice ranks among the most inspiring of the Modern Era of Protestant Missions. Not currently in print, this online-only book seeks to retell the story in a fresh and meaningful way by combining the (slightly edited) words of one of the pioneers, Orville Jobson, with many original photos now archived with Encompass World Partners. It is our prayer that this account will move many parents to release their children in a new wave of pioneer missions and that a new generation of missionaries will focus their best years and energies to repeating this story among the remaining least-reached people groups of our world.


Dave Guiles
Executive Director
Encompass World Partners