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A Grain of Wheat

by Dr. Florence Gribble
with Rob Wilkins

Whether mobilizing prayer, pursuing young Florence, battling illness, or blazing new trails to the unreached, James Gribble was a man on mission. One hundred years after his small team set sail, his legacy lives on in thousands of churches scattered deep in the heart of Africa. By any measure, his vision became reality and his sacrifices produced much fruit. But at what cost? This fresh retelling of James and Florence Gribble’s story is an invitation to enter the world of pioneer missions, with its dangers, opportunities, defeats and victories. But it’s also a love story, in which a shy evangelist slowly wins the heart of a distracted doctor. And, it doesn’t mask the loneliness, pain and near-constant sickness that shortened the lives of countless missionaries to the dark continent. It may be the most inspiring story you will ever read.

Dr. Florence Gribble
with Rob Wilkins
forward by Dave Guiles