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Pursuing Your Calling

Not everyone is ready to go the moment they feel God calling them to missions. The same reason it isn’t recommended that you show up at the start of a marathon without training is the reason we’ve compiled these lessons—to prepare you for what you’ll face as a global worker. Training is needed just to get to the starting line, much more to finish the race. The path to global missions is not a simple one and requires people who practice good missional habits. This book will help you prepare for a fruitful, growing ministry.

In this book you’ll learn…

  • Pursue your calling with passion and purpose
  • Lean on others who know what lies ahead
  • Focus your energy on what’s important
  • Find others to partner with and hold you accountable

About the Path Series…

Pursuing Your Calling is part of a series of books and resources called The Path: Navigating the Journey to Global Missions (PathSeries.com). The series presents various tools or applications, with this book serving as a “compass” that helps you learn good missional habits toward making disciples among the nations.