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New Resource Gives Perspective to Women on Mission

There is a grand and glorious mosaic that is found in the stories of women in the Bible. It emerges as a picture of men and women, made in the image of God, as both equal and complementary, gifted by His Spirit to participate in the Missio Dei (Mission of God). There is much-needed richness in the discovery and exploration of how men and women on mission can work together for the Glory of God.

A Missional Mosaic: Working Towards a Robust Theology of Women on MissionĀ was completed after 18 months of prayerful work done by the WoRTh Project, a core group of missional leaders focused on the role and dignity of Women. This 230page book seeks to add varied perspectives to the enrichment of the conversation. It is hoped that this book will encourage reflection, study, and thought, leading to prayerful practice of Scriptural principles among those on mission, whatever their contexts may be.

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