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3 Books to Level-Up Your Missions Committee

How vibrant and active is your church’s Missions committee? If you want to see your missions committee boost its effectiveness and level of engagement, here are three books that can help.

  • Serving As Senders Today is Neal Pirolo’s updated book, addressing the need for churches to partner with missionaries. In it, he outlines how churches can care for their missionaries throughout the mobilizing process, including their preparation to be sent, their time on the field, and their return home. This would be a fantastic read for your church’s Missions Committee, and there’s even a Group Leader’s Guide incorporated in the book to facilitate discussion. 
  • Today’s All-Star Missions Churches was written by Tom Telford after he interviewed numerous churches throughout the US to research the best ways to do and support missions. He found that the top missions churches have programs that are active, healthy, and innovative. He compiled his findings into this book with the help of missiologists and missions pastors. This book studies missions in churches across a broad variety of denominations, sizes, and locations, which means many of its ideas can be implemented in your church setting! 
  • Mobilizing the Mobilizers was written by Dave Guiles (former Executive Director of Encompass World Partners) with the purpose of moving churches beyond just sending money to missionaries. It challenges them to form vibrant missions committees. Dave is immensely qualified to provide this resource because of his experience as a church planter and missions administrator in Argentina. This book and its accompanying videos will provide your church with concrete opportunities to get them involved in the Great Commission.