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A Resource on Crisis and Suffering

If God is good, why does He allow suffering?

Encompass’ Crisis Response Network Director Barb Wooler has experienced tragedies first-hand, ranging from natural disasters to refugee crises. In his 41 years of ministry, Encompass’ Director of Strategic Initiatives Wayne Hannah has also walked through hardship of many kinds. They have both seen God’s work in perfecting his sons and daughters through suffering like Jesus Christ (Hebrew 2:10), but the question still remains. Why?

Though we cannot protect people from crisis, we can prepare them for it within a Biblical framework. This is the heart behind Wooler’s and Hannah’s newly published devotional 30 Days to a More Resilient Faith.

The book contains 30 daily readings that help make sense of suffering, pain, and evil in light of God’s divine plan to draw people to Himself. The aim of the devotional is to use God’s Word and the wisdom of His people to instill a more resilient faith in the reader. The format is designed for both individual and small group use. In the near future, an accompanying video kit will also be available.

If you or your small group are interested in going through 30 Days to a More Resilient Faithyou can purchase copies here. The authors’ hope is that when you face trials of many kinds, this devotional will give you a Biblically-founded and personally-confirmed reason to count it all joy!