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Crisis Response 2023 Year-in-Review

Our stomachs turn whenever we hear news reports of a crisis affecting hundreds or thousands of people. Every new crisis painfully reminds us of how broken the world is. One day God will redeem the earth’s brokenness, but until then, He uses His church to administer restoration. We praise God for these glimpses of hope He breathed into catastrophic situations through the efforts of Encompass’s Crisis Response Network.   

Ukraine War

  • What we did: With your generous contributions, our partners in Ukraine are building a housing complex that willinclude four small dwellings. These structures will provide homes to families who have experienced great trauma—some having had their homes bombed not just once but twice. A new church has been planted close by, providing forspiritual needs including community.
  • Project Status: Our part is completed, but construction will continue long into 2024.

Operation Joseph

  • What we did: Your giving to Operation Joseph gave seed to farmers in the Central African Republic (CAR) when food was scarce. This project blessed farmers by buying their grain and blessed refugees by providing them food!
  • Project Status: Completed

Earthquake in Turkey

  • What we did: We partnered with A & H who are a like-minded,church-planting couple in Turkey. The earthquake destroyed their home, the building that housed their 17-year-old ministry, and displaced most of their community. The funds you sent provided critical relief supplies, food, and housing to many hundreds. Today, A’s & H’s ministry is thriving. When they hosted a women’s Christmas gathering in December, it received so much interest that they had to separate it into three events! Their church plant has grown to include many newcomers and new believers.
  • Project Status: Completed

Israel Prayer Initiative

  • What we did: 300 people throughout the Charis Fellowship signed up for our Zoom prayer initiative that ran from December 4–11. We also used social media to rally prayers across three languages. God loves Israel, and it blesses Him when the church is supportive of them.
  • Project Status: Completed

Earthquake in Afghanistan

  • What we did: In October 2023, an earthquake struck Afghanistan leaving many without homes and in need of relief supplies and temporary housing. Your giving provided food and other relief supplies to over 40 Afghan families. Your giving helped us bless the zone most impacted by the earthquake, and one believer continues to travel back to that area and minister to those he helped.
  • Project Status: Completed

Violent Attacks in Africa

  • What we did: Muslim herders violently attacked farming communities, killing, maiming, and displacing tens of thousands across Chad, CAR, and Nigeria. These refugees are often forced to flee with just the clothes on their backs, but your gifts to our Refugee Relief fund helps care for the bodies, minds, and souls in a way that only the church can.
  • Project Status: Ongoing



Home for Christmas/Bocaranga Project

What we did: We are still in the early phases of this project, but when completed, it will provide permanent housing for 51 displaced families, temporary housing for 400 families, and farm land for hundreds of families in the CAR. After the church so generously provided for the intense physical needs of these families, we expect their community to respond well to the new church being planted in their midst.

  • Project Status: Ongoing—Construction on homes and the new gardens will continue long into 2024, and we recently learned that this community needs a well. This will provide clean water for the 400+ families in the displaced camp, but will require a $25,000 investment. You can contribute to this project through our Bocaranga Displaced People’s Relief fund.

Orphan Schools

  • What we did: Your giving to the Hand in Hand Orphan Schools fund has helped provide 1,800 orphans with literacy education and lunch every day across 41 schools in the CAR. Your giving has also helped train up workers to care for children in Bocaranga who have been displaced by war.
  • Project Status: Ongoing

Widow Care

  • What we did: Your giving to our C.A.R. Widow Care fund has helped honor 47 widows with a special Christmas dinner (fish and beans), gifts of grain and other foods, and an envelope with a love gift. It has also helped build a house for a widow of a former pastor who is in great distress (still in process).
  • Project Status: Ongoing