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A Few Words About Getting from Here to There

Have you experienced it…that moment when the Spirit of God makes you restless, earnest, and curious? Every time you hear conversation and discussion surrounding least-reached people groups or about making disciples—that tug on your conscience? Maybe you feel drawn to stories of going with conviction, crossing cultures, sacrificing the familiar for the foreign…the temporary for the sake of the eternal. To consider entering your name into that storyline is exciting. Fearful. Overwhelming. The questions that flood your mind have to be sorted. Fears. Faith. Worries. Wisdom. Truth. Lies. But when “the love of God compels” you, you can’t put the restlessness aside but seek the Lord’s face.

We seek “Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Colossians 2:3

So many questions—is theLord calling me to spend the next season overseas? If so, where would I even begin? Do I need to start applying to sending organizations like I applied to colleges? My church doesn’t support any global workers—what if they say “no” to sending me? Can I go without them? Some ask if they would be better off avoiding organizations and just go independently…is an agency necessary? (We think so!) How am I gifted? How does God want to use me? Where do I fit best?

We recommend “Here to There: Getting From CROSS to Your Mission Field.”

The booklet by David Meade and the team at Propempo International offers insight into next steps when considering church planting platforms and ministry among unreached people groups. It addresses a wide range of topics including choosing a right fit in a sending agency and the importance of being sent out by a local church. This brief 90-page resource even includes tips for practicing security in your communication and the kinds of questions one might get asked in the application process with a sending organization.

Written in 2013 to address these very questions, Here to There was produced in response to a brand new missions conference called CROSS, held that year in Louisville, KY. CROSS is a conference devoted to mobilizing the next generation to go to the unreached of the world. The leadership team, including names such as Kevin DeYoung, John Piper, David Platt, and Thabiti Anyabwile, has a burden to see young people deployed to frontier missions work.

We recognize it’s the work of the Spirit of God moving in hearts that stirs a desire for the nations…an urgency to go and share the truth of the gospel. We know our King is glorious, deserving of all worship and worthy of all praise from every tribe and tongue. Keep seeking him! His coming is as sure as the dawn. Keep your hands, heart, and life open to how he draws you to make much of his name among the nations.

Encompass World Partners’ Mobilization Team seeks to mobilize and equip people and churches who are following Jesus into the missional work he’s doing to make disciples of all nations. You can contact Encompass’ mobilization team at go@encompassworld.org.

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