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Mobilizing the Mobilizers

by Dave Guiles

Every Christ-follower can and should be mobilized to make disciples among the nations. But how much do those who attend your church really understand about the Great Commission? About God’s heart for people groups? About the challenges of making disciples in the diverse cultural soils of our world?

And how many of your church attenders are actively engaged in helping reach the nations for Christ? Is your church providing concrete opportunities to get them involved?

Mobilizing the Mobilizers is a training curriculum designed to help you address these questions and to equip a team of passionate leaders committed to mobilizing the entire church.

In this book, you’ll learn how to:
• Lay the foundations for a Mobilization Team in your church
• Measure the effectiveness of your church’s Mobilization Team
• Fund your Mobilization commitments and dreams
• And more!

About the Path Series…

Mobilizing the Mobilizers is the second in of a series of books and resources called The Path: Navigating the Journey to Global Missions (PathSeries.com). The series presents three different tools or applications. This book helps churches equip those who will “guide” or mobilize others on their journey to better understand and engage God’s heart for the nations. The goal is to identify, recruit and train men and women to mobilize many others to active and meaningful participation in the Great Commission. At the conclusion of this book, you’ll be prepared to take the next step by forming part of your church’s Mobilization Team.