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Discovering Global Missions

by Dave Guiles

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…”

Jesus shared these words with his disciples some 2,000 years ago and the implications for his followers and his church remain today. Discovering Global Missions is a starting point in a journey we hope will lead you to deeper insights and meaningful engagement in God’s Global Mission.

In this book, you’ll learn…
• Why our one priority is making disciples
• Why we must go to all nations
• How you can get involved

Each chapter includes a short video that will challenge and inspire you as you explore global missions.

About The Path Series…

Discovering Global Missions is part of a series of books and resources called The Path: Navigating the Journey to Global Missions (PathSeries.com). The series presents three different tools or applications, with this book serving as the “map” that allows you to get oriented as you start on your journey. At the conclusion of this book, you’ll be challenged to apply what you’ve learned in tangible ways, and you’ll be asked to consider taking the next step along the path.