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Church Planting Network

We believe that the church is God’s way of magnifying Himself in this present age. Encompass World Partners’ Church Planting Network exists to strategically launch churches in the least-reached regions of the world—in communities where that country’s church hasn’t yet been able to effectively reach its own people.

Our focus is clear, but executing that vision is always complex and difficult—there are always reasons why the least-reached haven’t yet had opportunities to hear the gospel.

Though our church planters are scattered throughout the world, they all prioritize these key objectives:

  1. Evangelism: We share the good news of Jesus and the salvation He offers.
    We evangelize broadly in search of those who are spiritually sensitive, and they evangelize deeply, showing how Jesus meets core human needs felt within every culture.
  2. Discipleship: We help new believers ground their relationships with God. We teach the essentials of Christianty, gently expose growth-hindering sins, and show new believers how to seek God for themselves.
  3. Community Formation: We form communities of believers that we trust will develop into local churches.
  4. Leadership Development: We plant churches designed to raise up locals to lead them. As local believers mature, we identify potential leaders, pour into them, and give them opportunities to develop their leadership skills.
  5. Multiplication: Our goal isn’t just to plant a church—it’s to plant the seeds of a movement of churches that multiplies.

These objectives might sound simple, but many least-reached locations are hostile towards Jesus. Planting churches in foreign cultures and languages is challenging and requires much wisdom and sacrifice. Though bringing Good News to the hardest places is difficult, we’re compelled to do so because we want everyone to experience the joy of knowing Jesus!