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As global cultures continue to evolve at breakneck speeds, we recognize that conventional ministry methods and approaches may not keep pace with the rate of change. For this reason, we centralize the value of disciplined innovation in our team culture.

Design thinking is a method for innovation that balances speed and discipline. The process focuses on gaining empathy and feedback from end users in order to confirm assumptions, and uses minimally-viable prototypes to confirm ideas.

Commonplace in the business marketplace, design thinking methods are seldom employed in missions agencies. And since the needs of global missions workers and their efforts are so specific, we are tailoring these methods to work in global ministry contexts.

We distilled a complicated design thinking roadmap into a simple innovation framework, which we call the ACEPT Framework for Innovation. The process conducts five processes, including Attitude setting, Challenge stating, Empathy gaining, Prototyping, and Testing.

The result is groundbreaking. ACEPT provides just enough structure to keep projects moving forward. In several early tests with our staff, this framework has already yielded promising results. 

Encompass staff are encouraged to utilize the ACEPT framework in their innovative ministry efforts. And the framework is supported by in-house innovation strategists, who guide our staff members in its use.

Here are two brief videos explaining Design Thinking for Missions and our unique ACEPT Framework for Innovation: