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Sharing Naomi’s Perspective

Last week was our team’s fourth time visiting a migrant’s home in the city. The other visits had been more random. But this time, we wanted to intentionally choose a person, approach them, and invite them to tea. As we approached a woman, I watched as the Father blessed our selection.

Prior to this moment, I had been praying for two weeks straight hoping to share the story of Naomi and Ruth with a migrant. These two biblical women knew exactly what it felt like to be aliens in a foreign land!

I prayed most of all that I could share the story from Naomi’s point of view whose life went from “normal” and comfortable to great shame and loss. I wanted to show how, by the Father’s grace and provision via Ruth and Boaz, he gave Naomi a status far above her original place in society. She became the Great Great Grandma of King David, sharing the royal line with Jesus himself.

What an incredible reversal for Naomi’s family! 

The woman we approached invited us to her house. She and her family shared an apartment and its expenses with a younger family, so they were there too. In fact, I had heard that the woman from this younger family had been meeting to read the Bible with some of our Christian friends. When we arrived, we received their warm greetings, kisses, and hospitality. The Father did beyond what we had hoped!

Not only were we able to share Naomi’s story, but the conversation opened up for me to share how the Father can do the same with us —rescuing us from great shame and distance from him and generously and graciously making us part of the most glorious, most honorable family ever…His family.

But that wasn’t all.

Halfway into our time, the mother from the younger family spoke up… in English! I had heard that she spoke some English from our Christian friends. She broke from the conversation switching to English and looked straight at us.

She said “I am a believer. Did you know? But this woman next to me, she is not.”

O my heart! What a rush of joy. I wanted to jump up and hug her— even though both my legs were completely asleep sitting on the floor with a hot tea kettle between us. I settled for simply beaming with a smile from ear to ear saying in English, “Praise Him!”

For two hours, we sipped and eagerly encouraged these ladies with the truth of the Father’s incredible love for us and we took every opportunity to have the young believing mom share what she had been learning directly to the older woman.

My heart was so full!

Consider This. 

Our Father goes before us in every situation, conversation, every time we engage someone. He can lead us to people where He is already at work to do what you and I alone can’t accomplish! So often, I forget that. And yet, it is why we pray in the first place right? We beg Him to do what we can’t. Relish in this sweetness with me!

The Father drew me to visit a woman who already had a friend with new faith, who shares her same language, same culture, and even the same apartment! That’s incredible! Was this visit more for their growth in faith or ours? Or both? He can do whatever He wants, and as I watch, my faith grows. Now I’m praying that this new sister walks out her faith well, and as a natural part of her growth, passes along what she’s learning to those around her.

O Lord, may two complete households sharing the same roof come to you and be the seeds to an even greater work that you want to do in this community…because you are worthy! Amen