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Fruit Abounds as Entrepreneurship Ministry Hits 3 Years

Eddy and Sarah* have been running an incubator for entrepreneurs in Central Asia for three years now, and we’re overwhelmed by the success God has given them! When people decide to follow Jesus in this country, they’re often so heavily persecuted that they have to flee the country—but Eddy and Sarah’s incubator helps them stay in their country, invest in the community, and grow the church. Here are some of the ways God has been using them to transform this unreached place.

They’re helping believers grow successful businesses.

  • A chicken feed business launched 21 sales points and recently enjoyed their highest month of profits ever. The government threatened the company’s employees with a multi-million dollar lawsuit and jail time, but in a turn of events, the country’s prime minister recently praised their efforts in economic development.
  • They are preparing to launch a business development and training center.
  • Daniel,* a youth pastor, started a chicken business that not only supports his family, but is also profitable and growing.
  • Two church elders were trained in software development that helped them stay in the country. Thomas* might be the first local-born elder that the south has seen in eight years! 
  • Kendrick* hosted a Taekwondo tournament with 250 students, and is on-track to pay off the loan he took out for the equipment. 
  • Devon* started a chicken house that has been the primary income for his family of seven, including his severely disabled son.
  • Zach’s* car loan enabled him to buy a car and provide for his family by working as a taxi driver.
  • A coffee-roasting business was launched to help bolster a coffee shop that provides for two church leaders and 15 employees.
  • Maya’s* guest house employs the only believer in the village, which helped 300 people get glasses to improve their vision.
  • Miriam’s* new equipment helped grow her croissant business from two employees to six.
  • Edgar* bought camera equipment, enabling him to work as a video-maker.
  • Anna’s* doughnut business received help after a divorce, allowing her to provide for her and her three kids.
  • A textile business they formerly helped has opened a facility in a prominent city, granting access to an extremely unreached area.

Their church plant is growing in size and maturity.

  • 3 new elders have been raised up in their church
  • 40–70 people now attend their church gatherings (compared to the 15–30 three years ago)
  • 20 new people started teaching God’s Word in small groups
  • 3 people came back to church after being disconnected for a long time
  • Many have tightly held on to Jesus despite enduring persecution 
  • Over 15 nationalities are now represented in their church gatherings
  • 3 weddings have now been celebrated in their church
  • They are discussing planting another new church in the next 3 years
  • 2 new couples of have joined their team, which is now made up of 8 global workers and their 6 kids

People are meeting Jesus in a closed, Muslim country.

  • Over 294 people got to hear the good news
  • 16 people professed Christ
  • 12 were baptized

We’re blown away by what God has been doing to sustain and grow the church in Central Asia. If the idea of using business as mission excites you like it excites us, consider joining our team in Central Asia or partnering with Eddy and Sarah financially

*Names changed for security