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Sacrificing the Specifics

The World Watch List1 published by Open Doors counts 65 countries where Christians are persecuted. In places at the top of the list, like North Korea and Somalia, converting to Christianity can lead to death. In most watch list countries, missionaries are not allowed, and if a foreign worker is suspected of proselytizing, they will be expelled or imprisoned.

In countries where Christ is mostly unknown, the Church is often not allowed to share the gospel freely. These are difficult and dangerous places to be a missionary, yet these are the very fields to which Encompass World Partners is called to send workers.

In restricted-access locations, our global workers are welcomed as entrepreneurs, teachers, and business owners. They use these platforms to engage with the culture, build relationships, and contribute to the community. But while their skills are embraced, their goal is to share the life-giving hope they have in Jesus. So, with discernment and trust, they find creative ways to be missional.

Seeking to help global workers go further together, the Encompass’ communications team has embraced the challenge of telling stories from these fields while protecting the identities of the staff members serving there. With creativity, intentionality, and accountability, the team uses an array of media to highlight workers’ courageous service, all without disclosing personal or geographical information.

Whether that means changing names, generalizing locations, or filtering pictures, Encompass’ communications team takes great care to convey pertinent details and protect our workers.

“Telling informative, motivating stories while also protecting the identities of workers in sensitive locations is often tough. But sharing what God is doing in the lives of the least-reached through our staff members is worth the effort! We want our prayer and financial partners to be inspired by what God is accomplishing through their involvement with the people and ministries of Encompass around the world.” –Bill Palmateer, Director of Communications

Telling a story in an engaging way while keeping crucial details hidden is a challenge, but Bill knows they must be told! It is through these accounts of life-change that we stay connected to our work around the globe; a reminder to support our workers with prayers and resources.

Even when specifics can’t be shared, it gives the mission-minded reader great joy to learn how someone, somewhere is doing something for Jesus in a place where hiding their true mission is a part of the sacrifice. Though it may not be known who they are or where they are working, let’s celebrate their courageous service to Christ and his kingdom.