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Redeeming COVID-19: Filipino Church’s Response

The Coronavirus has taken more than life and health. For Filipinos in particular, it has destroyed their jobs, their livelihoods, and their savings. Since the Philippines is a developing country, most of the available occupations consist of day labor positions. And thanks to COVID-19, many of these jobs are eliminated indefinitely as major cities come to a standstill. Filipino people are struggling to survive as they are not only quarantined in their homes, but also have limited access to resources when they are allowed to go out.

The pastor of a Charis church in Manila saw an opportunity. As many in his congregation lost their jobs, he made a plan. Using the resources immediately at hand, he and his church members provided 25 food packages to local families. But they didn’t stop there. They wanted to do more and quickly began to develop a plan.

Initial Relief

As of now, these church members are preparing food packages to give to 50 families later this week. They aren’t limiting these relief supplies to believers only—they are reaching out into the darkness around them and sharing the light of Christ with people in spiritual need as well. And in addition to food, they will distribute handmade face masks.

Ongoing Relief

Looking beyond the immediate needs, this church’s next step involves a larger relief effort, incorporating help from several other churches to assemble 120 food packages and engage their recipients in continued discipleship once the quarantine is lifted. As these people are discipled, the ones who respond positively will be invited to partner with this church’s Business As Mission initiative. If they accept, they will be provided with chickens and the startup resources needed to raise them.

Redeeming Hardship

Encompass World Partners is excited to see churches reaching out to their communities quickly and efficiently in the midst of this global crisis. It is stories like these that give us hope and remind us of the light of Christ that shines even in the darkest times. And they encourage us that with the power of God, we each have the capacity to share this hope and love with those around us.

You can help meet similar crisis needs.