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Redeeming COVID-19: Faith in the Midst of Fear

Even though much of the world has come to a halt, God’s work hasn’t stopped. It is often in the darkness that His light has the opportunity to shine the brightest:

Japan: Desire for God’s Word

God is at work in Japan, a nation where less than 1% of the population knows Jesus.

“I had an outreach Bible study scheduled for this afternoon,” shares one of our global staff members. “But with all of the chaos, I assumed it would be canceled. I called our disciple and the Bible study host to confirm the cancelation. She said, ‘Oh no! Everyone still wants to come.’”

Of the six to seven regular participants, three are not yet saved: “God continues to work in their hearts to want to study the Bible, even in the midst of citywide cancelations of most other events. Praise His Name!”

We praise God that desire for His Word is overcoming fear and panic in Japan.

Brazil: Little Points of Light

Just like in the U.S., people in Brazil are under stay-at-home orders. But worship of God continues.

“This has not stopped our small church from meeting in their homes,” explains one of our global staff members. These church families continue to gather and enjoy God’s Word: “Numerous families have sent photos and videos of the families singing together, studying their Bibles, and praying together. Please keep them in prayer as they weather this time of isolation restricted to their homes.”

Instead of dousing the Points of Light in Brazil, this crisis has only spread them further as God’s Name continues to be glorified.

Consider This

We serve a redemptive God, who works all things together to advance His Kingdom. Though we may not understand everything that is unfolding in the world, God is already giving us glimpses of His larger plan for good in all of this. Join us in praising Him today for these victories.