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Partnership Created in Peruvian Crisis

In the last several weeks, heavy rain showers, brought on by unusually warm ocean temperatures in the Equatorial Pacific, have generated an extreme crisis on the Peruvian coast.

The country is experiencing ten times more rainfall than normal, which has caused hundreds of deaths, thousands of destroyed homes, and millions of dollars in damages from devastating floods. The recovery work has begun and rescue teams continue to search out people in need, but Peruvian officials believe real progress will not be made until the wet season ends in May.

Aris Melgarejo, President of the All Nations Kerygma University in Pasadena, California contacted Encompass Global Worker Jesus Munoz before the flooding and mudslides began. President Melgarejo told Jesus about his friend Pastor Chamorro who represents a coalition of churches throughout Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia. There was some interest shown by Pastor Chamorro and his coalition to join the Latin America Charis Alliance.

The Charis Alliance serves as a platform for pursuing matters of common purpose and interest for those who share the values of the Grace Brethren movement.

The crisis in Peru, in the midst of its destructive conditions, has helped build and test a great partnership. God is good! The Latin America Charis Alliance has sought to display the beauty of this partnership by helping the coalition of churches in any practical way possible. The Encompass Crisis Response Team has also come alongside the Charis Team to aid them in their efforts to reach out to the churches in Peru.

Encompass’ Crisis Response Network Director Barb Wooler has organized the delivery of food and water for Pastor Chamorro and his team in Peru’s capital city, Lima. More financial aid from the Encompass Crisis Relief fund will be given to Charis Leaders and Pastors from Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina to help bring more food and water when they visit Pastor Chamorro.

Please pray for the families who are suffering from the devastation of the floods and mudslides. Also, pray for the Charis Leaders who will discern how best to partner with this coalition of churches. There are some steps that must take place before the partnership with the Charis Alliance is made official. Pray for the fruit of these processes.

“You don’t really know Jesus is all you need until Jesus is all you have.” –Tim Keller