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Life in Central Asia

Though based on probable events, this is a fictional account. In this access-limited location, Encompass is not restricted to the types of ministry opportunities depicted in the story. Rather, it’s our goal to invite you into an unfolding story, of which you could become a part. If you have questions about other opportunities in this location, please contact us.

Britney stepped out of the taxi, grateful to be home. Her third story one bedroom apartment greeted her after hours of travel. Her trips out to the villages always left her exhausted. The taxi driver had been persistent, reminding her of how shameful it was that she was still single, offering to marry her out of pity. Britney sat down on her couch and captured her thoughts in a journal, writing about her favorite family in the village she visited.

Although the parents would threaten their daughters if they read and believed in the Book, they loved Britney. They lavished her with hospitality during her visits, spending days with her and treating her like another daughter – even though they knew she didn’t share their folk Islamic beliefs. Britney spoke with more and more boldness about the truth in the Book and looked for times to be alone with the daughters to encourage them and pray with them. These women were dear to her, like sisters. They listened attentively, soaking up her words like sponges. It would not be easy for them to grow – they had to hide their Bible reading from their parents. Britney’s heart broke for the whole family to find freedom in Christ, and she praised God to have found the young women still seeking God even enduring threats on their lives.

Overwhelmed, Britney began to pray – praising God for the way His Holy Spirit was growing these women’s desire for His Word and thanking Him for another safe trip to the village. She thanked him for new in-roads on this trip into other families’ lives. Britney thought of her teammates and prayed for the business they used as a platform in the country. She prayed against the threat of government changes and new policies, ones that would make it difficult to keep their work and presence in the country legitimate. Concluding her prayers, she proclaimed aloud, “But the love of Christ compels us,” (2 Corinthians 5:14-15).

Britney had to laugh – she never would have pictured this place, this language, this culture when she graduated from college with a B.A. in Spanish. Time with God and in His Word were lifelines to her amid the hard soil. Britney was anxious for the next day. Her team would gather to pray for each of their contacts and support each other in the work. She was excited to tell them what her friends in the village were learning and how God was helping them be faithful.