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Creative Dorm Ministry in Battambang Expands

For many years the Grace Center in Battambang, Cambodia has rooted itself in the heart of the city, meeting the needs of a community without a church.

Each week, over 300 people are in and out of the building, participating in Bible studies, English language classes, computer lessons, youth gatherings, and Sunday worship. The center plays an important role in church planting efforts throughout the city and surrounding villages, and now, the newly expanded dorm ministry is helping to train a new generation of leaders.

In Battambang, six universities draw young people from around the country. These students have shown a great openness to the gospel and the ministry of the Grace Center. In light of the center’s convenient location to the universities, Grace Center’s Director, Chhay Chhoeum, proposed the development of a dorm ministry several years ago. Through the swift generosity of supporters, the Grace Center building was purchased outright and remodeled to accommodate house guests.

Initially, the newly remodeled space housed only men, but as the ministry saw students’ lives changed and their potential for leadership developed, supporters desired to see the ministry grow. They proposed the creation of a dorm for women, and like the original proposal, funds came in quickly. After six months of building in 2016, the expansion was complete by the end of the year, and the new house guests arrived. Today, there are 16 men and 11 women living in the dorms, along with two interns from Encompass World Partners.

Students living in the Grace Center dorms are discipled in the gospel and exposed to the ministry of the Grace Center. Thanks to the Theology Education by Extension ministry resource, many of these students are receiving theological training from some of the Grace Center staff, as well.

Achieving self-sufficiency is an important step to ensure that the dorm ministry continues. The Grace Center Team wants to keep costs as low as they can to help the students financially. The average monthly rent now is $7 a month to cover the utilities. To help maintain this status, the team hopes to incorporate sewing and screen printing classes. The goal is to use the sale of products made in these classes to bring in funds to make up the difference in the monthly charges for the Grace Center. Currently, the team is prayerfully working through how to execute this potential project.

Please join us in praying for the Grace Center as they raise up a new generation of leaders in Cambodia for Christ.