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Blessing Their Communities: Argentine Churches

Just a few hours ago, an Argentine woman surveyed her empty cupboards and lifted up a silent prayer: “God, how do I last until Friday?” But now, relief has come. Like a miracle, the shelves are full of food.

Argentina is one of many countries battling COVID-19. It isn’t just the virus itself that is the problem, but the resulting food shortages, job losses, and business closures. 

Amid these challenges, Argentine churches have seized the opportunity to impact their communities for Christ. And they aren’t just utilizing Encompass aid—they are taking action and proactively loving their neighbors.

Members of the Church of Bernal in Buenos Aires are distributing bags of food and toilet paper to people in their community. Along with these supplies, they are including Bibles and brochures that present the gospel. The Church of General Dehaza is giving out food, blankets, clothes, and slippers, as well as Bibles.

These churches aren’t just showering their members with care, they are making a concerted effort to bless the members of their communities as well. People in Argentina are experiencing the love of Jesus through these churches, and they are being given the literature they need—Bibles and gospel brochures—to understand the motive behind these actions.

“I really appreciate this,” the woman types, composing a text of gratitude on her phone, her hands trembling with excitement. “I needed the food. Today I asked God to help me last until my husband’s salary this Friday.” God heard this woman’s plea, and He answered her prayer through the actions of His people around her.

Encompass is honored to share how Christians worldwide are helping each other in the midst of this global health crisis. Join the movement: contribute to crisis response efforts by clicking here.