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Church of Córdoba

In Argentina, the Church of Córdoba has been busy during this season of isolation and confusion. Here are seven ways members have banded together to share the love of Christ with their community:

1. Supporting Families

Córdoba church members have reached out to more than ten different families in the community, some believers and some nonbelievers, helping them economically and spiritually as well as tangibly with food and facemasks.

2. Assisting a Sister Church

The region of San José only has one church. Córdoba members are helping this church to further the gospel in this least-reached area by bringing food and jugs of gas for families who are struggling financially.

3. Aiding an Addiction Rehabilitation Center

Along with several other local churches, the Church of Córdoba started an addiction rehabilitation ministry where they focus on restoring lives through transformation in Christ. During this season, they are raising money to purchase biblical materials, tools, and building maintenance supplies to further ministry potential at the center during this time.

4. Manufacturing Facemasks

Together, Córdoba church families have made over 1,000 facemasks and given them out in kits to the community. In addition to the masks, these kits contain evangelistic brochures and Scripture cards.

5. Helping a Christian School

The Córdoba church raised money to provide scholarships for the students of the Haroldo Andenmatten Christian School. Less than 50% of the students are Christians, and many of them come from non-believing families. Providing scholarships blesses these kids, allowing them to continue their education and experience a Christian environment during an uncertain time in their lives.

6. Providing for a Children’s Picnic

In lieu of the usual children’s picnic of San Nicolás, an outreach that provides food for local kids, the Córdoba church combined efforts with another body of believers to assemble food and deliver supplies and the gospel to children and their families. So far they have impacted 27 families in this region with practical help and spiritual hope.

7. Serving the SOLES Foundation

As COVID-19 has impacted this foundation’s outreach to families of hospitalized children, preventing volunteers from performing their usual duties, the Church of Córdoba stepped in, providing food and biblical material to distribute to these parents and families in need.

This is just a small glimpse of the ways God is moving in Latin America. Join the movement: Click here to donate to Encompass’ Crisis Response Fund.