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A Nomadic Trip to Learn and Serve

Encompass Global Worker Beth is helping guide fifteen young people on a Nomadic Truck Venture.

This is a 5-week mobile, discipleship/mentoring, missionary preparation workshop where university students from Europe and other Central Asian countries travel nomadic routes in order to see what God is doing among nomadic peoples and how they could help these mobile groups.

Many of the unreached and unengaged people groups of the world, those who have no access to the gospel, are nomadic peoples. Most often, the unreached and unengaged people are that way because they live in difficult places and you just can’t get to them easily. In all honesty, it takes a special approach and hardiness to live and work among these peoples. That being said, doing a creative trip like this is one way to make a connection.

There will be two trips altogether. One trip will be from Europe to Central Asia and then the other leg will be a return trip. Beth is one of the leaders for the second trip. And between the two treks, a missions conference in Beth’s country will be held for all the participants of the Nomadic Truck Venture and for groups of people currently working with nomads all over the world.

For the last 6 months, Beth has been helping develop the curriculum for the trip. It has been exciting and is now finally coming together.

During the trip, the group will study about nomadic peoples and connect with many of the nomadic families along the way. Their prayer is that God would raise up more workers to live in these hard places loving them and introducing them to Jesus Christ.

Consider This

There are nomadic unreached and unengaged peoples all over the world who need individuals, families, and churches who are willing to send, go, and equip for their sake. It is going to take prayer, support, and creative ideas like the Nomadic Truck Venture to reach these peoples.

Would you consider your place in reaching the unreached peoples of the world by going to God in prayer asking for the Holy Spirit’s guidance?