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You Might Get Hit by a Truck

In recent years, Cameron and Harmony’s unexpected adventures in Southeast Asia have inspired a saying, which they remember every morning. “You never know what will happen today; you might get hit by a truck….”

In 2012, Cameron and Harmony boarded a plane with their newborn baby to serve in Southeast Asia as Encompass Global Workers. Initially, their plan was to develop a business that would focus on teaching English, but after assessing the challenges of language learning and contact development, they decided to delay that. In the meantime, Cameron worked as an English teacher while Harmony connected with other moms.

Two years later, Cameron and Harmony were blessed with another baby, and tragedy struck just three days after.

During his time off work, Cameron decided to take one of his friends to the movies. On their way to the theater, a truck collided with the side of their motorcycle. Though his friend was able to hop off the bike unharmed, Cameron was caught underneath. His left hand was thrashed, his left leg fractured, and his ACL torn. Thankfully, onlookers came to his aid and rushed him to the closest emergency clinic.

God was merciful. Cameron was able to get surgery in an international hospital. Harmony’s mother was in town from the States, which allowed her to help with the chaos. The surgery went exceptionally well.

Unfortunately, Cameron’s post-surgery physical training regimen was underdeveloped and largely overlooked. At the time, they could not have predicted the consequences of this poor post-surgery care.

Cameron could hardly walk. He could not use a crutch or a wheelchair because his injuries were all on one side. When he went to get an MRI a few weeks after the surgery, he discovered that his joints had frozen and lost their full mobility from lack of use. After searching out every possible avenue to resolve the issues, Cameron and Harmony decided to return to the U.S. for ten months of rehabilitation.

When they returned to Southeast Asia, Cameron was doing much better, but there were still issues. They managed, with difficulty, to complete another full school year. Cameron and Harmony explored several options to relieve the discomfort, but ultimately they were forced to consider another six months of rehab in the States. This was a hard decision for them to make, but after the encouragement of Encompass’ Director of Member Care Steve Bailey, they believed it was for the best.

Thankfully, the physical therapist in the U.S. brought Cameron to a whole new level of progress. Completely rejuvenated, Cameron and Harmony returned to Southeast Asia this past November.

As they reflect on their wild journey, they are reminded of all the times God provided for them since the accident. From the small graces to the clearly supernatural interventions, they never felt like God had abandoned them. They never doubted that he had a plan.

Upon their return, Cameron decided it was time to begin his English teaching business. In fact, one of the orthopedic surgeons who treated his injuries asked if Cameron could be his tutor. This man will be his very first client. Already God is showing a redeeming value from their painful experience.

When God sends us to reach the nations, he does not promise comfort, but Cameron and Harmony’s saying has one further part: “You never know what will happen today; you might get hit by a truck, but at least you can trust that God works all things together for the good of those who love him.”