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Urgent Prayer Request for Southeast Chad

Muslim herders have recently attacked six villages in eastern Chad, leaving 35 dead and 75 wounded. The survivors were forced to flee as the attackers burned their crops and homes. Encompass’ contact in the area, evangelist Paul, reported that affected villages were home to Charis Alliance churches and that church members were among the victims.

This is the second wave of violence in the past few months, and similar attacks have been reported on at least three previous occasions in northwest Central African Republic (CAR). Muslim herders want to use the land for their cattle, while locals wish to continue farming their ancestral land. African farmers have been trying to prepare for forecasted food shortages as these conflicts have destroyed acres of their crops.

Encompass has responded to the attacks in CAR by starting schools for displaced children—not only to provide academics, but also healing for the invisible wounds of trauma. Please join us in asking God to supply healing and provision for their families. You can also help feed the victims of these kinds of attacks by giving to the Grains for Africa project at EncompassWorldPartners.org/Grains.