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Tom Julien Receives Highest Civilian Honor from the Central African Republic

In December, the Center for International Development of Ethical Leadership (CIDEL), dedicated a new chapel on the University of Bangui campus in the Central African Republic.

The Prime Minister of the CAR, university leaders, and several government officials took part in this launch of a new chapel ministry that will equip young African leaders. Also at the dedication ceremony, by presidential decree, a medal of honor was awarded to former Encompass Executive Director Tom Julien for his long-term support of the CIDEL. This prestigious honor is the highest accolade a civilian can receive in the CAR, and the medal is a symbol of his political status as a true friend of the state.

CIDEL Director Augustin Hibaile, speaking at the chapel dedication, said, “CIDEL is willing to seize the opportunity given to create a new generation of godly leaders through the University of Bangui Chapel. We need a great body of support from our country and the school leadership in order to make a difference on this campus.” Tom Julien has been a key figure in that support.

Pastor Tom was not able to be present during the ceremony in Bangui. Instead, he received the medal of honor in February at a gathering hosted by the Winona Lake Grace Brethren Church, where he currently serves. Representing the President and the people of the CAR, Michael Taylor, CEO of Three Strands Ministry, presented the award to his friend with great joy. Pastor Tom’s daughter, Jacqueline Schram, pinned the medal to her father’s jacket.

Tom Julien has blessed many through his ministry, and God continues to use him mightily in reaching the nations for the sake of Christ. His support of CIDEL will be a catalyst for many new Christian leaders in the country. Encompass World Partners is proud of the recognition Pastor Tom has received from the CAR and hopes many will follow in his footsteps.