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These Kids Get It!

While teaching little children about Jesus and love, have you ever wondered if they were getting it? How much are they really comprehending?

The Hand in Hand Orphan schools in the Central African Republic have been consistently training all their students what it truly means to follow Jesus. Every day at school they hear from their teachers, “Love God and love people.” Of course, this daily lesson is given through spontaneous giggles, daydreaming, and blank stares; all of what you would expect of little kids.

But, there is no doubt they understand what is being taught.

In the village of Bossembele, an elderly widow named Mama Ann struggles tirelessly throughout the hot days. Sixteen years prior, her husband passed away and since then none of her children live near her. After each passing day, she becomes weaker and weaker making the days harder and harder.

The home where she lived was right next to the Hand in Hand Orphan School. So, many of the students would see this woman suffer as they walked to their classes. After witnessing a particularly tough day for the widow, a handful of students went to their teacher Honorine.

They asked their teacher, “Is there some way our class can show her love?”

With that, the teacher sent some boys out to gather firewood for Mama Ann and the girls were instructed to get cooking pots and food to make a meal. The whole class visited her and presented the meal to show her kindness because that’s what Jesus would have done.

Since then, the students consistently visit Mama Ann. They sing and pray with her, which gives her strength in her difficult days. Sometimes they even give her money to help with food, which is an incredible sacrifice for many of these orphans! Before, she could only sit in her chair, but now the children’s love has given her the strength to stand once again.

Love God, love people. Yeah, these kids get it!