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The Power of a Child’s Changed Heart

Annette is an 11-year-old who started attending the Hand-in-Hand Orphan School in GAGA, Central African Republic, three years ago after her father’s death.

Annette had been at the school for some time when her mother approached one of the teachers to thank him and say how the school had changed not only Annette’s life but her own life as well.

The first year Annette attended the school she heard about Jesus and happily became a believer. After every school day, Annette would come home to her mother, read the Bible, and pray with her at night. Annette’s mom noticed such a dramatic change in her daughter that she began to ask questions about Annette’s new-found faith. Eventually, Annette took her mother to church. Before long, Annett’es mother asked Christ to be her Savior too!

It’s amazing what the changed heart of a child can do to a household!

The Hand-in-Hand Orphan School program enables hundreds of otherwise unschooled orphaned or one-parent children in the Central African Republic to have access to Christian education through partnerships between local African and North American churches. Hand-in-Hand is so grateful for sponsors and their part in not only gospel witness to orphan children, but also in the making of disciples who will carry the gospel to others.

Consider This:
Generous contributions are essential to the operation of Hand-in-Hand Orphan Schools. If you’re interested in contributing, we ask that you prayerfully consider sponsoring one of the schools.

The Power of a Child's Changed Heart