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The Hope of Health

Roro, Chad is among the most remote places on the planet, and access to basic healthcare in the region is extremely limited.

For the past ten years, a Medical Dispensary has faithfully served the community, but the need for quality medical care greatly outpaces the capacity of this ministry. Building a new surgical center to serve the people of Roro is a great dream and a big goal! The center will focus on treating common medical needs and nourishing souls with the life-giving love of Jesus Christ, all while providing employment to national workers.

Watch the short video below about the Roro Surgical Center and give at EncompassWorldPartners.org/Roro.

A Legacy of Medical Care in the Name of Christ

Nearly 100 years ago, Encompass World Partners sent our first medical personnel to central Africa, and every day since, we have been committed to the physical and spiritual well-being of the people in this region.

Why Roro, Chad?

Roro is a hub of trade that provides many services to eastern Chad. Building a medical center in the area will provide direct access to medical services and basic surgical procedures in a region marked by desperate medical, physical, and spiritual needs. Roro is also the center for evangelistic outreach and church planting, not only in eastern Chad, but also in the northeast Central African Republic and Sudan.

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The Challenge

With your helpwe will bring medical and spiritual care to a region where both are desperately needed. To build the surgical center, we need to raise $335,000 for construction and the purchase of necessary medical equipment and medicine.

Roro Floorplan Download this Floorplan (PDF) to get an idea for the layout of the Roro Surgical Center.
Roro FAQ Download these Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) to learn more about the Roro Surgical Center and the medical ministries of Encompass and its partners in Chad.


We Need You

This new medical center will proclaim that God deeply loves and cares for the people of Chad. Please join us in making a generous financial gift, that we might see a Surgical Center in Roro come to life!