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“So, How’d It Go?”

Soon after Tyler accepted Christ in college, God called him to go preach the gospel in a place where Christians were scarce.

Eight years ago, with the direction of Encompass World Partners, Tyler packed his bags and left for Central Asia to do what he calls his dream job.

Since his freshman year of high school, Tyler has excelled in computer programming, and this gift has given him a platform for ministry in Central Asia. Currently, he writes software logistics for chicken farmers, which offers great opportunities for him to share his faith and a flexible schedule to invest in his community.

Besides his creative computer enterprise, Tyler engages in an innovative form of evangelism.

Whenever Tyler meets someone new, he mentions the gospel message and offers a challenge to study the Bible. Most of the people he encounters are Muslims, some strictly cultural and some highly devoted. Whenever they express curiosity, Tyler meets it with scripture, asking them to investigate a certain passage on their own and return with a response. Whether they are depressed, apathetic, angry, or seeking counsel, many people take him up on his challenge.

The next time Tyler sees someone he’s challenged, he always asks the same question. “So, how’d it go?” The responses have been incredible, and many have developed a love for Christ through engaging God’s word.

“You seem to really know your stuff. I never heard before that Moses used the blood of a lamb to cover his sins. Can we read the Word of God together?” said Mir and his friends after listening to Tyler talk about the Bible. Eventually, this curious group of Muslim men agreed to study the Old and New Testaments to learn more.

“That’s very interesting. I know only God can forgive sins, and yet here it says in the Bible that Jesus forgave sins. I want to read more things like this,” said Osco, a teacher at an Islamic university, after asking Tyler why he was not Muslim. When he began reading passages of scripture, Osco was surprised by what the Bible said and was eager for more.

“I haven’t had conversations about God like this before; not even with the leaders at the mosque. I want to talk with you more!” said Adma,a committed Muslim, after following Tyler’s challenge to read Ephesians. Even though Adma was skeptical of the Bible, he was challenged by what he read and wanted more.

Tyler’s ultimate goal is for his new friends to pursue more in-depth Bible study that will lead to following and obeying Jesus. He hopes groups of people will come to Jesus, not just individuals, so he encourages them to read scripture with friends and family, too. This simple method of pointing others to the Bible is a powerful way to share God’s hope and can be used in many contexts. Try it out yourself and see how God’s word can change a life! See how it goes.