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Share the Joy in this Christmas Season

People and cultures all around the world celebrate Christmas differently, which is amazing and beautiful! Whether it is through the food we make, the rituals we perform, or the music we play, one thing is true for everyone; The Advent season is a time to share the hope of Christ.

One annual tradition that has always brought joy to the peoples is the Macon Church Live Nativity event in France.

This tradition has sought to express the Christmas story in a vivid and imaginative way for people to grab hold of and trigger curiosity. In times past, hundreds of people have seen the live nativity scene and have heard about how the Word of God was made flesh.

This outreach event also includes a live narration of the Christmas story, holiday treats, photo opportunities with shepherds and Roman soldiers, and artisan booths (including Christian Literature and Bibles). This year, Encompass Global Worker Greg Burgess handed out a new illustrated brochure that includes extracts from Timothy Keller’s book called Hidden Christmas.

There’s also fun crafts to be made! This year’s visiting children made Christmas bracelets with a star, an angel, a heart, a lamp, and golden bead attached. This craft further presents the Christmas message for kids and their families.

France needs to know Jesus. Christmas is a perfect time to put him on display.

This outreach event has stirred many hearts in the past and will touch much more in the future by God’s grace. It would have been easy for the Macon Church to shut themselves in and enjoy their Advent season alone, but they have chosen to spread the joy. This is how our Christmas energy should be spent.

Let’s rival the glorious message of the host of angels to the shepherds. Let’s put the incarnation of our Savior on the highest pedestal in our neighborhoods. Let’s celebrate Christmas in a way that matches the glory of Jesus.