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Relief in Africa: God Prevailing Over Every Obstacle

A white pickup truck rumbles along the dirt road, its rusty bed laden with plump fabric sacks, the material stretched taut over the many pounds of seeds and food they contain. As the vehicle rolls into the waiting village, it symbolizes obstacles conquered, roadblocks overcome, and—most importantly—people helped.

Last year, amid activities by armed groups in the Central African Republic, Encompass began a project to provide food and subsistence to those affected by the unrest and the resulting difficulties. A project was set up to aid 850 families and the four Bible Institutes across 15 of the inflamed districts. Packets of seeds and food were to be prepared, transported, and distributed. Funds were raised. Everyone was ready.

However, increasing civil unrest in the CAR stalled the project for months. Then COVID-19 threw everything into further disarray. With the pandemic inciting further civil unrest and social restrictions, transportation costs rose, financially preventing the project from moving forward.

But God prevailed over every obstacle. 

As of now, two of the three project phases are complete as many fully loaded trucks roll into villages across the CAR. So far, 525 of the 850 families have received aid, along with all four of the Bible Institutes. 325 families remain to be helped as the project progresses into Phase Three.

God is moving in Africa. Click here to learn how you can support the movement.