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Redeeming COVID-19: Thriving in Exile

The entire world is paused—travel has all but ceased, restaurants and stores are closed, churches are empty. To God’s people, this feels like exile. 

But exile does not mean our lives are on hold. 

God has not abandoned us, and we must not abandon hope. He is Lord of the good times and the bad, and we must live for Him in both. He is the God of redemption. He is God, even  in our exile. 

Walking Through Open Doors

This global crisis has opened unique doors to ministry that otherwise might never exist. As people are afraid and their worlds are surrounded by darkness, their hearts are opening to the light of the gospel. They are becoming receptive to the message of hope.

There are countless stories of believers taking action in these dark days. Creating masks, delivering food, leaving notes on neighbors’ mailboxes. Even as social interaction is crushed by restrictions and fear, community only grows stronger as people find new ways to connect and reach out—and often with others they never would have before.

God’s people are thriving in exile.

Now Is the Day of Salvation

Not only has this crisis revealed the care of God’s people for each other, but it has also enabled His Word to spread in ways it otherwise would not have.

One of our global staff members excitedly shared with us that on Easter Sunday, his brother-in-law received Christ as his Savior. He was watching a church’s Easter service online, something he only did because he was stuck in quarantine. In the midst of world panic, a man found Christ’s peace. Out of darkness shines the light.

God’s work is thriving in exile.

Consider This

With intentionality, we can utilize this unparalleled opportunity to impact a world that is in the midst of an epic transformation—a world that doesn’t know what it will be a month or a year from now. We have a chance to change the way things are.

This is the heartbeat of our global team. And we can join them today as we embrace the opportunities all around us.