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Redeeming COVID-19: The Power of Prayer

“Do I pray for the whole world? Or do I pray for my friend, who is anxiously nursing her husband and uncle who have the virus?” Louise Klawitter, Encompass World Partners staff member serving in France, wrestles with this vital question.

When we feel emotionally, mentally, or physically overwhelmed by extreme situations, it can be difficult to know how to pray. Whether it feels like there is too much to pray about, or we can’t find the mental capacity to put together a complete sentence, God hears and He answers.

During these times, there are a few guidelines we can use to focus our thoughts as we pray through this pandemic.

Micro Prayers

To her question—pray for her friend or for the world—Louise provides this answer: “Yes. Both. We know it is not an either/or kind of choice.”

If God cares about each tiny sparrow He has created, think how much more He cares for each of us (Matthew 10:29–31 ESV). He cares that we feel afraid. He cares to help us in our weakness. He cares about our health and that of our friends and family.

“My friend is the only believing person in her family,” Louise shares. “We have a lot of history…. I pray that the Lord might bring saving health to that whole family.”

Macro Prayers

God cares about the monumental things too. No request is too great for Him to handle. No petition is big enough to overwhelm Him.

When Louise’s genetics counselor mentioned how the crisis had brought surprising cohesion to the hospital’s operations, Louise was able to share with her that she had been praying for that specific issue. In this instance of prayer about the systemic implications of this virus, the door was opened to a conversation about faith.

Consider This

In these times of uncertainty, we can take comfort in knowing that God hears all of our prayers, grand and small. The whole world is in His hands, including us and the people we love. And He will answer our prayers in a way that accomplishes His plan for His Kingdom here on earth.