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Redeeming COVID-19: Lockdown in Africa

With hundreds of countries around the world executing lockdowns in different ways, there is a surprising number of similarities in what we are all experiencing.

Take a moment to read a letter from one of our global staff members in Central Africa that describes the lockdown situation in his country and requests prayer for his students who are frightened during these strange times.

Good morning praying friends,

… We are currently in a lot of the same positions as you are in other places around the world. As of this morning, we have just under 60 cases in Central Africa. Schools have been closed for a week now, borders have been closed, and gatherings of more than 50 people have been outlawed.

We were able to finish our last module, and everyone is now taking a two-week break. My assumption is that we will pause our training until things are more stable and settled.

Pray for our students. They are scared of the unknown and think that this virus is guaranteed death.

Pray that the words and text messages that we give the students help deal with their fear and also give them some wise steps on how to live.

Pray for our family. We are doing well, but [are] more or less confined to our home like you. We have plenty of food, and life feels like we are on spring break right now. We have started to put some new routines and schedules in place for our family that hopefully give us some healthy rhythms for life.

Pray that we are teachable to what the Lord has for us and allows us to maintain a good testimony through this time. We know the Lord is sovereign in all of these things, and we want to hear from Him and also learn what He wants to teach us.

Thank you for praying for us. Know that we are also praying for you too.

Serving Jesus Together,

Encompass Global Staff Member, Central Africa

As we experience lockdown and feel disconnected from our friends and family, letters like these can remind us that though we are physically alone, we are united in this experience, all weathering this virus and the distance it creates between us together.