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Prayer for the Ukrainian Church Facing Crisis

After years of threatening Ukraine, Russia’s advance against this neighboring country now seems inevitable. Surrounded on three sides, Ukraine’s most vulnerable are now retreating to safer zones away from the path of advancing troops.

How can we help? The first and best thing we can do is to pray.

Join us for a special time of prayer for Ukraine and for the Ukrainian Church on Saturday, February 26, 2022, at 12:00 Noon EST

Led by missionary Steve Galegor and his Ukrainian friend Pastor Anton, we will have fresh information from Ukraine. Steve and Anton are prepared in the event that the internet in Ukraine is shut down.

In addition to prayer, we hope to share concrete ways we can help the Ukrainian Church come alongside and serve their people, many of whom are fleeing to the west of the country or into Poland and other points in Europe.

WHO: Everyone ready to stand in prayer with the Ukrainian church and its people!

WHEN: Saturday, February 26, at 12:00 Noon EST


Questions? Email crisisresponse@encompassworld.org