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Sri Lanka on the Horizon

Sometimes, the hardest task the Encompass Crisis Response Network must undertake is deciding when and where to expend their efforts.

After visiting Sri Lanka, Encompass’ Transformation Works Network member Jack* became aware of many ministry opportunities in the country. He suggested the Encompass Expansion Cohort consider targeting Sri Lanka as a new field. After hearing Jack’s report, the cohort began praying for the country’s potential last fall. Little did they know; Sri Lanka would face a crisis later that spring.

Last month, Sri Lanka was struck by intense flooding brought on by the monsoon season. A half million people have been affected and hundreds of people have been reported missing or dead. The floods have destroyed buildings, roads, crops, and have increased crocodile attacks in the now water-filled villages. Thankfully, many surrounding countries have come to their aid.

When Encompass’ Crisis Response Network Director Barb Wooler learned of the disaster, knowing the Expansion Cohort was targeting Sri Lanka for prayer, she contacted Jack to see if he knew of a potential partner. Amazingly, in recent history, five of the newest fields for Encompass have opened up as a result of a response to a crisis.

Jack connected with one of his friends who works in Sri Lanka with FRIDSRO.

FRIDSRO is a Christian group that helps fight for the rights of marginalized children in the country and takes care of their physical/spiritual needs. They also have a branch in their organization that deals with crisis response. Surprisingly, this organization was looking for someone to partner with in the midst of the flooding and had little success in finding anyone willing.

The Crisis Response Network was able to send a financial gift to aid FRIDSRO’s ministry. There is hope that not only will some of the needs of Sri Lanka be met initially, but more ministry will be done in the future. A long-term partnership between the Crisis Response Network, Transformation Works Network, and FRIDSRO could develop. Again, God may open up a new field in light of such need.

With limited resources and global awareness, the Crisis Response team cannot tend to every need around the world, though they certainly wish they could. In order to best steward their efforts with gospel intentionality, the team typically helps out a crisis when a long-term impact can be achieved in the area. In light of these factors, the team takes every opportunity before the Lord in prayer.

Would you take a moment now and pray for Sri Lanka and our potential involvement?