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Overflowing from Local to Global

When Wes Yoder started pastoring Davidsville Community Church (DCC) in small-town PA, the congregation only had about 20 people and couldn’t afford to pay him a salary. The congregation was friendly, but their numbers were dwindling, so Pastor Wes had to work bi-vocationally as a full-time chaplain at a nearby retirement community. During that time, he faithfully encouraged the church to minister to each other and to share Christ’s love with their neighbors.

Since the day Pastor Wes joined in 2019, God has grown DCC’s average attendance from 20 to more than 80 people! That slow and steady growth has enabled the church to fund Pastor Wes with a full-time salary and even start giving towards missions. 

Because most of the congregation was unfamiliar with the Charis Fellowship and hadn’t heard about everything God had been doing through Encompass’s missionaries, Pastor Wes invited an Encompass representative to come speak at their church.

When Encompass Mobilizer Mike McKeever visited Davidsville Community Church in May, he preached a missions-themed message challenging the church to continue their outreach both locally and globally. He also thanked them for partnering with global missionaries and pointed them to Encompass resources like Discovering Global Missions and Mobilizing the Mobilizers which are both available at PathSeries.org.

Currently, Davidsville Community Church is financially partnering with the Veen family as well as Angelo and Jennifer Parisi. Both of these Encompass missionary couples will head to the field when their financial support goals reach 100%. It’s always so encouraging to see God’s power moving through local communities in a way that overflows to the ends of the earth.

You can email Encompass Mobilizer Mike McKeever here.

You can read the Parisi’s story and partner with them at EncompassWorldPartners.org/AngeloAndJennifer.

You can read the Veens’ story and partner with them at EncompassWorldPartners.org/PaulAndJessica.