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On “Brexit”

If you watch or read any news, you have likely heard the term “Brexit” this week. The media use that shorthand word to speak about the UK’s public referendum about whether to remain a member of the European Union, or leave.

For weeks leading up to the vote, major political parties tried to persuade the public with their best guess of the consequences of remaining or staying. The debate was superficial at best, and many important issues never got a mention.

The degree of shock is still high, following the June 23rd vote to leave the EU. Everyone from both sides of the debate are struggling to digest the fallout, and discussions will continue for months (if not years) to come.

At least one ugly side of what many say was essentially a protest vote (far beyond the scope of the referendum question) is that many prejudices are being voiced openly, leaving large sub-groups of the British population hurt and/or scared.

Pray that in this uncertainty, there will be opportunities to share about our certain hope which is not dependent on governments or nation-states. Pray that Christians in the UK will avoid taking sides, but instead focus on the bigger issues.

Written by Tom, Encompass’ Director of Ministry Coaching