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New Vehicle for CIDEL

Transforming society by training leaders.

CIDEL (Center International for the Development of Ethical Leadership) is a leadership training program in the Central African Republic (CAR) that helps Central African leaders in the church, education, and government spheres build their minds and hearts as well as their character to be more like Christ to bring about transformation in African societies.

So far, CIDEL has trained 2,500–3,000 students, and this ministry is growing as more people desire to be trained in leadership principles and values. CIDEL is expanding its ministry further into the CAR and into Cameroon as well, which will necessitate more travel for staff and students as they conduct workshops and training for local city leaders. 

Currently, staff are renting vehicles to transport the team. We would like to provide a new Toyota Land Cruiser so CIDEL staff can continue raising up godly leaders. Roads in the CAR require a hardy vehicle that can transport equipment (generator, teaching materials, etc.) as well as people.