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Need Help Discerning Your Calling?

Need Help Discerning Your Calling?

What is God calling me to do in life? Have you ever wrestled with that question? As a Christian, it’s an important thing to ask even when the process to getting an answer isn’t always easy.

Many of us live in an age of infinite options and immediate results. We are accustomed to finding answers with a simple click of a button or a quick voice command to Siri. Now, don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing bad about these tools per se. In fact, they are great for finding your favorite kind of food or checking the weather, but they are no substitute for the lifelong process of seeking God’s calling in prayer, scripture, and community.

You see, it’s not an instant process, it takes time and spiritual discernment.

Because this journey is so important to every Christian and requires biblical guidance, Encompass Director of Mobilization John Ward wrote Discerning Your Calling: Discover Your Place as a Global Worker. This resource is the third installment in a series called The Path: Navigating the Journey to Global Missions.

Discerning Your Calling serves as the “compass” in the Path Series and is designed for those considering the call to go and make disciples of all nations. It was written for anyone wrestling with the question of calling, especially for those considering a call to serve in cross-cultural ministry as a global worker.

The book covers essential pitstops on the path to discerning your call such as prayer, vision-casting, assessing your passions, navigating barriers, the importance of cultivating community, the role of a sending church, and partnering with a sending agency.

Each chapter covers an important next step in the journey section, a Digging Deeper portion with questions to consider and scripture to meditate on, plus an encouraging story from people who have already made the journey and currently serve with Encompass World Partners.

At the conclusion of the book, the reader is challenged to apply what they’ve learned in practical and tangible ways and is asked to consider taking the next step along the path.

Again, the question “What is God calling me to do in life” is an important journey that every Christian should venture. That calling may very well be a call to go as a cross-cultural global worker. Without a doubt, this book will help you discern God’s direction and discover your place in missions as a global worker!

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This book may be perfect for you. It may also be perfect for someone you know or someone you’re mentoring. Would you consider purchasing this resource to help discern the calling to be a Global Worker?

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