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Mobilizing the Mobilizers

Almost half of the world’s population is unreached. That means more than three billion people have never heard the good news of Jesus. Three billion people are living and dying in spiritual darkness.

What Should We Do?

Many Christians are unaware of this information. That’s why books like Mobilizing the Mobilizers are so important. We can’t solve this problem without each other.

We spoke with Pastor Steve VanMeter, who took a group through this book. It revolutionized the way they viewed missions. We hope it does for you too.

Be Willing to Adapt

Steve and his team used this book as a point of conversation. In this conversation, they found themselves and their church both affirmed and critiqued. 

The book showed them what they were doing right regarding global missions. But it also revealed the areas they needed to improve.

Understand the Urgency

In highlighting the urgency and responsibility we have as Christians in accomplishing the Great Commission, Mobilizing the Mobilizers causes its readers to realize that this is an astronomical task requiring the help of every believer. 

In fact, Steve and his team’s biggest breakthrough wasn’t, “How do we engage our ministry partners?” but “How do we invite the entire church into this?”

“Mobilizing every man, woman, and child toward mission—that’s our mission as a leadership team,” Steve shares.

Now It’s Your Turn

Even if you don’t have a mobilizing team yet, this book can help you get started. “I would recommend this book,” Steve says. “Whether you’re just getting started developing a team or can’t even think about that yet—both situations necessitate this book.”

What are you waiting for? Grab your copy today!