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Mission Work Behind the Scenes

A primary goal of the Encompass home office is to support their workers in the field. This dedicated, caring team works behind the scenes to help solve an array of problems their global workers face as they strive to accomplish their work.

For example, their partners often find themselves in urgent need of advice, and personal contact information for other team members must be accessible in an instant. With the Encompass staff constantly on the move, imagine how often this information changes!

In November 2017, Tom, Director of Ministry Coaching with Encompass, needed to send an email to everyone in the Encompass coaching network. This may seem like an easy task, but he quickly realized he didn’t have all the names and contact information of coaching staff and the people being coached. So, he reached out to the home office and was connected with Lindsay Schuiteman.

Lindsay not only connected Tom with the information he needed in the short-term, but she also trained him in how to use the organization’s database software, Raiser’s Edge, to keep track of his coaches and their contact information. With Lindsay’s help, Tom quickly learned how to use the software and adapt it to his needs.

Recently, Tom held a workshop for members of the coaching network in Atlanta. Attendees were greatly enriched by the event, and it could not have happened without Lindsay’s assistance and the use of Raiser’s Edge.

As the Encompass coaching network continues to grow, the ability to access up-to-date records is especially vital. And thanks to the quiet, behind-the-scenes work of the support staff like Lindsay, Tom is able to keep current with the progress of his coaches and those they serve, staying aware of the needs they have.

Lindsay and her coworkers in the home office are honored to be able to support workers like Tom with the technological tools and expertise they need to go further in serving the nations.

Consider This

At Encompass, our vision is to spread the knowledge and glory of God among the least reached of our world. To accomplish this, we strive to mobilize, equip, deploy, and nurture multinational disciple-making teams who live and proclaim the gospel through sacrificial-service, intentional-evangelism, and whole-life discipleship. That’s a mouthful description of our work, but it is every bit vital to our vision.

By the grace of God, all of this is accomplished through a diverse conglomerate of talents. When one imagines the work of global missions, it is tempting to think that missionaries are the only expression of the cause. Truer to reality, there are several people in our organization who help others go further in their ministries. Lindsay’s administrative work is as important to missions as any global worker.

How are you participating in global missions? Have you ever wondered how God could use your talents and resources to further the cause of reaching the nations? You don’t have to be a polyglot or a church planter to ask that question. Why not start the conversation today with our mobilization team? Email us today!