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Join the Biblical Leadership Movement in the CAR

Did you know that in the Central African Republic over HALF of the churches lack the leadership of a biblically trained pastor?

The Body of Christ in the C.A.R. desperately needs equipped leaders to sustain it as it builds itself up in love and truth, and by God’s grace, He has called many to step into this crisis by attending Seminary and Bible school classes. These students are committed to their training full-time, leaving little room to generate income. Having no financial assistance can make it difficult for these students to take care of their families while they study.

The Timothy Project has been created to meet this need by providing approximately half of the student’s tuition, food, and medical. This monetary assistance reduces the financial stress for each student. When you give to the Timothy Project, you not only provide a greatly needed relief for each student learning the Word of God, but you take part in the Biblical Leadership Movement of your brothers and sisters in the Central African Republic. Your contributions truly free these future leaders to be a powerful witness even while they study.

During one summer school break, a student who was assisted by the Timothy Project took part in an evangelistic effort in the Central African Republic. The village they were trying to reach was very traditional, rooted strongly in ancestral beliefs. When the team arrived, they visited the village chief and told him they were there to share the love of Jesus with the village, especially with those who had been traumatized by the war, so that they might know that Jesus is the only one that can give real protection and salvation for eternal life. The chief was kind to them, but a group of village men did not agree.

The team planned to show a movie comparing the village’s ancestral beliefs to Jesus. The men from the village stood against them and their efforts, and just after the team finished preparing, a strong wind blew everything down. They packed up and went home, feeling defeated. That night they dedicated themselves to prayer, and in the morning, God brought them two men who had heard the gospel they had preached. Both of the men were ready to commit their lives to Christ. The team was overjoyed!

After praying together one of the new believers said, “I know that Jesus is truly God. I want you to know that I was involved in the disturbing of the presentation yesterday, but God has shown me that He is Mightier.”