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Jesus Loves the Little Children

When Alex’s father died, he left Alex and his six siblings parentless. Alex’s uncle took them in, but he had a family of his own to take care of, and seven extra mouths to feed is a lot to ask of anyone.

Thankfully, there was a Hand in Hand school nearby. Hand in Hand Orphan Schools partner with local churches in the Central African Republic to provide three years of foundational schooling for orphaned kids. Right now, there are 40 schools helping over 1,800 kids.

Alex and his family were not believers. Alex had never even been to church before. So when he started attending the Mardochee Hand in Hand school, he was exposed to Christian teaching for the first time. In his second year, he understood the gospel and trusted Jesus as his Savior. Shortly after, he got baptized and started talking to his family about Jesus. Little by little, his grandmother understood the gospel and gave her life to Christ.

Now Alex is 11 years old and is in his third year of school. He is praying that his uncle will also trust in Christ as his Savior. 

Hand in Hand schools are built on the foundation of Jesus Christ, and they teach of Him and His love to kids who don’t know Him yet. Alex’s story, and many others like it, reminds us of why we are praying and giving and serving to care for and disciple orphaned children in the Central African Republic.

Learn more about Hand in Hand Orphan Schools and how you can help make a difference for kids in Central Africa!